The Cardano Price

The Cardano price is very important to those with a vested interest in the platform, either as users of the blockchain or those hoping to profit from price increases. There are many things that impact the price of Cardano’s ADA token, both in the short term and the long term. In this piece we will look at what these factors are and how they affect the Cardano price.

Cardano’s price today

We’ll start this piece with a look at the ADA price today:


Please bear in mind that not all sources provide accurate live Cardano prices. Our data is sourced from a reputable provider that regularly surveys multiple leading exchanges, ensuring the highest level of accuracy possible. In contrast, some less trustworthy sites rely on just a few low-volume exchanges, resulting in prices that may not reflect the overall market.

What affects the price of Cardano?

Several elements can influence the Cardano price. Some are internal, like Cardano’s design and tokenomics, while others are external, like its adoption and the broader crypto market. We will examine these factors individually.

Internal factors


Cardano aims to be a next-generation evolution of the Ethereum blockchain, providing a platform that is adaptable, sustainable, and able to run smart contracts at scale. This enables the creation of a diverse range of decentralized finance applications, new cryptocurrencies, games, and more.

Cardano launched smart contract capability in 2021 and by December 2022 had surpassed 4,000 smart contracts executed on its blockchain. Platforms like Cardano use such metrics to show that their system is being used, which is crucial to the growth of the Cardano ecosystem and the ADA price.


Cardano has a limited supply of ADA tokens, with its maximum supply unable to go past 45 billion. By the start of 2023, 77% of these had been released. While the large number of tokens will ensure that the ADA price will stay relatively low, the fact it has a maximum cap will theoretically give it scarcity.

In principle, this means the more demand Cardano has, the more valuable ADA tokens will become.


Anyone can stake ADA tokens, which helps secure the network. In practice this involves locking up a certain amount of ADA tokens and getting more in return, an act which removes ADA tokens from the supply. This reduced supply means that the remaining tokens should theoretically increase in value.

External factors

External demand

Blockchain technology is still relatively new, and mainstream adoption has yet to happen on a large scale. Some household names are working with blockchains on various projects, which is seen as proof that the blockchains in question have strong demand and could see further mass adoption. This typically drives up the price of the tokens.

Cardano has not yet seen any such mainstream adoption, and until it does there will be questions over its desirability to enterprises, a lack of which will impact the ADA price over time.


Cardano is not immune to the speculative fever that takes over the entire crypto space in a bull market. We have seen this in the past and we will no doubt see it again, where the Cardano will likely enjoy huge gains as people buy in with the sole aim of making a profit.

Bitcoin’s price moves

As an ‘alternative coin’ (alt coin), Cardano is at the whim of Bitcoin’s price moves. When Bitcoin makes big moves in either direction it almost always affects the valuations of alt coins – typically the ADA price matches what the Bitcoin price is doing.

Can you trust Cardano ‘experts’?

The idea of a “Cardano or cryptocurrency expert” is not universally accepted, especially when it comes to price predictions. Some in the space may have a deep understanding of how Cardano works, but making predictions about its price is often based on one’s perception of Cardano’s potential. Those who are supportive of Cardano tend to predict a positive future, while those who are skeptical of it often predict its downfall.

It is important therefore to disregard the extreme views on Cardano – those who are overly positive or negative about its future will not provide an objective view of its price potential. If you want to seek opinions on the future Cardano price, research the person first to ensure their opinion is based on solid evidence and not influenced by emotions.

It’s important as well to remember that crypto influencers are often paid to promote projects and that not all of them declare these sponsorships. Be wary when prominent voices are overly bullish on the long term prospects of any coin, including ADA.

How does the future look for the Cardano price?

We don’t have a crystal ball so sadly we can’t predict the ADA price in the future, but what we can do is look at the factors that will impact the Cardano price in the short and long term.

Short term factors

Bear market

The crypto space is currently going through a bear market, so the prices of all assets, including the ADA price, are suppressed. The Cardano price hit $2.97 in September 2021, but this had dropped to $0.24 by the start of 2023.

Until the bear market ends we won’t be out of the woods in terms of further price drops, and no one knows if Cardano will revisit those lows.


With most of the world experiencing a financial crisis brought on by the end of a decade-long bull market, which was caused by the coronavirus, disposable income for those who typically buy into crypto has all but vanished.

Until everyday people have more money in their pockets to buy risky assets such as cryptocurrencies, the ADA price will have a ceiling that it will be tough to breach in the short term.

Long term factors

Cardano is a big player

One of the advantages of Cardano is that it has tremendous backing. It is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap and still has a valuation in excess of $10 billion. It also has plenty of supporters and seems to have genuine usage of its blockchain.

This means that there is much less chance of it succumbing to the ravages of the crypto winter, and when the market returns to better days Cardano will almost certainly be there.


Cardano has a few partnerships which allow ADA token holders to use the coin to pay for goods and services, although to date these are only small, independent outlets. If Cardano can use these partnerships as a springboard for bigger deals with multinationals, or it can entice some to use its blockchain for transactions, then we can expect the ADA price to continue to grow as a result.


European regulators have already clamped down hard on the crypto sector, and U.S. regulators are planning something similar. While regulators won’t target Cardano in particular, they may target its proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which could impact the amount of people who stake ADA, and therefore the security of the blockchain.

Any such regulations would inevitably hit the ADA price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is technically no limit to how high the Cardano price can go, but it will be constrained by the fact there are 45 billion tokens, which means the price per token will always be on the low end.

The ADA token will never hit $100 - this would put the market cap of Cardano at $4.5 trillion, which is more than four times what the entire crypto sector is worth today.

Cardano has strong financial backing and a big support base, but the ADA price will struggle long term if Cardano does not get enterprise adoption.

Depending on adoption of Cardano and the performance of the crypto sector as a whole, analysis shows that ADA has the potential to hit $10 by 2030.
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