ENS Teams Up With Coinbase

ENS Teams Up With Coinbase

By now, most of us have heard of Ethereum Naming Services (ENS). These are services that allow people to create custom Ethereum addresses using their names. For example, rather than the usual combination of numbers and letters that comprise a crypto wallet address, someone could pay to have JohnDoe.Eth as their wallet address. This saves a lot of time and reduces the likelihood of errors and as such, they have become very popular with crypto users. 

Now, they are about to become even more widely known as ENS has teamed up with Coinbase, one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world. 

The ENS-Coinbase Connection 

This new partnership was confirmed by ENS on January 5, 2023, revealing that its naming services will now be available to all Coinbase users. 

“#ENS partnered with @Coinbase to make http://cb.id usernames available on Coinbase IOS and android mobile apps. Now 103 million app users can now link http://cb.id usernames to their mobile wallets,” the announcement said, noting that the usernames would be free for Coinbase users to claim and would make identifying and interacting with wallets much easier. 

Over the last year, especially, ENSs have proven to be very popular among consumers, even despite the bear market. As many observe, these are looked at as investments and some want to claim a wallet with specific names on it as a precaution or to sell them at a later date. 

With how much of a necessity they are fast becoming, it makes sense that Coinbase is making them more accessible for its users.

Coinbase, on its part, has published resources to help its users access these naming services. On a dedicated help page, users are told to visit their Coinbase extension or mobile app where they can find the username that has been reserved for them. They may choose to claim this name or change it for free depending on their preferences. 

Other instructions and FAQ answers have been published to help users navigate the service and make the most of it. As ENS has explained, accessing these usernames helps customers consolidate their identity across web3 as they can link their various wallets and profiles to a single username as opposed to having all of these be fragmented. 

“Coinbase users can consolidate their Web3 identity across all channels, enhancing the overall user experience. Our partnership with @Coinbase encourages simpler adoption of Web3 through human-readable names,” ENS said

A New Way to Access Crypto

The sheer number of crypto wallets being registered each year shows that crypto winter or not, people will continue to use digital assets. And as the industry strives towards mainstream adoption, it is imperative that we move away from complicated numbers-and-letters wallet addresses that are hard to remember and easy to make mistakes with. 

This is why Ethereum Naming Services have been such a hit with crypto buyers and why this deal with Coinbase is so beneficial to customers and the industry at large.

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